How to Choose Your Jewellery?

How to Choose Your Jewellery

You want to find jewelry that will highlight your eyes, the color of your hair or the shape of your face? Choosing the right accessories is a crucial step when you want to have a harmonious and elegant look. Today we give you some simple tips to help you find the jewels that suit you perfectly!

Tune your jewelry with your clothes

Do you want your jewelry to match your outfit perfectly? There are no secrets, just a few easy rules to apply.

If you want to wear a necklace buy necklace online from Midwest Jewellery, for example, you must choose it depending on the shape of your neckline (or vice versa). Thus, a sleeveless dress or around the neck will be more elegant with a short necklace, so a medium or long necklace will be more suited to a V-neck or a boat neck. The bracelets, they, combine perfectly with 3/4 sleeves, whatever their style.

Finally, you should also consider the opportunity for which you dress and customize your jewelry choice. It is obvious that one does not usually wear the same earrings or the same necklace at a wedding or at a business meeting.

How to Choose Your Jewellery

Consider your morphology

As you certainly know it is important to consider its morphology to choose the clothes that highlight you. It’s the same for jewelry. Unfortunately, not all jewelry goes to everyone, and some necklace or earrings will accentuate your natural beauty.

What jewelry for around morphology?

If your face is rather round, it is recommended to choose relatively small earrings to check out the 2019 Fashion Trends and to avoid the models too massive and too circular which would only accentuate your natural roundness. Side necklaces, bet on simple patterns with a pendant that falls V-shaped, the straight lines will bring you a flattering effect.

Which jewels for a rectangular morphology?

Women with slightly rectangular faces will be interested in adding softness to their features with round earrings. The famous Creoles go to them wonderfully. For necklaces, they will be better models relatively short, and rather round.

What jewels for a pyramidal morphology?

If you have a pyramid-shaped morphology, wearing a necklace very close to the neck will allow you to highlight your figure. If your face is shaped like a triangle and you have a marked jaw, opt for light earrings with soft shapes.

What color of jewelry to choose?

The role of jewelry is above all to emphasize your beauty and your natural elegance. It is, therefore, logical to choose them according to the color of your skin, your hair or your eyes. People with very light skin and red or blond hair wear very well the cold colored metals such as silver or tin. Matte or tanned skin will be sublimated by gold, copper or gold-plated metals. On the darker skins do not hesitate to play the card of contrast by choosing cold colors and money.

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