Learning Piano: the Independence of Both Hands

When you begin your learning, you will immediately face one of the greatest difficulties that this instrument presents: to be able to play with both hands at the same time. You will realize that it is not easy and that a good part of your work if you are a beginner, will be to overcome this first obstacle.

In general, in the piano, the right hand is more in charge of the melody, while the left hand is more dedicated to harmony, to the chords. Obviously, it’s not as simple as that. For example, in the counterpoint, this aspect is not so marked.

You will realize that it is much easier to play with the right hand than with the left hand, which is more clumsy and has less strength. At first, you will tend to play only with your right hand. Therefore, in order to acquire the independence of both hands, the first thing you have to do is learn to play with your left hand. How can it be done? How can you learn to do it?

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To overcome this first obstacle, the solution consists of starting by playing with the left hand alone (for example, playing scales). And this must be done from the beginning; Do not wait two months to start playing with your left hand. You have to face this challenge at the beginning of your learning.

Once you are more loose with your left hand, you can start playing with both hands at the same time. Therefore, the trick is not to start playing with both hands before having worked for the left hand alone.

To progress, start by playing the same notes and with the same times, with the right hand and with the left hand. So you will play exactly the same with both hands. Then, learn to play a simple score, each hand having a different part. Above all, start by playing with one hand first and the other later. It is another rule that must be respected: do not touch first with both hands, but start with one and then the other.

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You will see that with your independence, playing with both hands at the same time will give you fewer and fewer problems. This takes time, while your brain is formed and the hands memorize the movements. After a certain moment, you will be able to decipher a score by playing directly with both hands at the same time.

Of course, you have to choose easy scores to get started, which you will find in the methods for beginners. Keep in mind that you will need at least one year of practice to be fully capable of acquiring good hand independence. Therefore, do not get discouraged too soon.  Visit https://www.freejazzlessons.com/ for more Jazz piano information.

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