The World Ends With You Final Final Remix?

We can say that on the Nintendo Switch RPGs are not lacking. And now Square Enix shows us a game that was available at the time on the Nintendo DS: The World Ends With You: Final remix. I tell myself that this is starting to make a lot of this category of game. It will have to stand out to stand out and I wondered what was going to propose The World Ends WithYou: Final remix did not do it on the DS I was in total discovery. In this catalog that are many RPG Switch this remix worth it interest to look into it?


We are going to play Neku and Shiki and other stooges, who will be embarking on a crazy race against the clock for their survival and that of the world, as long as they do. And to do this, they will have to perform special missions. In The World Ends With You: Final Remix we are in a RPG where the action takes place in our time.

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The first version of The World Ends With You: Final Remix was made especially for the DS and its two screens. So we had a gameplay adapted and designed for this console. So we can have fears about a version with a console with a single touch screen is it. Square Enix offers several different gameplay for this version and you will be able to choose the gameplay that suits you best and I can only welcome this initiative. So the portable version with the touch screen and TV version or there a single joy-con will be used. Left-handed or right-handed made you happy. I have a preference for the TV version, which even in mobile version works with the screen placed on a table or in the train. Even if I admit that often I have to recalibrate the joy-con to refocus it, but that does not disturb more than that, because one adapts very quickly to this concern. But, it can be weird to play Wiitouch, because yes you’ll have to point the joy-con on the screen as the great era of the Wii. So softness and no sudden movement are in order. In short, you see your favorite gameplay.

Graphically The World Ends With You: Final remix is ??clean and offers very nice drawings because everything is played as if it was hand-drawn in cell-shading for a 3D simulation that goes really well. This is a nice rendering and very homogeneous as a whole. The attacks are transcribed and the effects are very correct. It’s a game that’s ten years old and graphic design too you can imagine. We are not in the presence of an HD version, but a port and adapt to the Nintendo Switch so zero level surprise graphics. The texts are in French and at times we are entitled to voice dubbing, but they are in English.

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The fights are nice especially to two because The Worlds Ends With You final remix gives us the opportunity to make them in coop with each a joy-con and therefore only in TV mode. This really brings fun to the game, because otherwise your partners in the game manage itself and attack when they want. It works well as a whole and you will need to prepare them well if you do not want to bite the dust. Everything is well paced and I loved the way the gameplay is proposed to manage them. The tutorials of the beginning are really well done and can take good in hand Neku our budding hero.

The Worlds Ends With You will have a hard time breaking into this world of RPGs as it does not bring a big revolution in gameplay so it can even be said to be aging. It remains fun and the characters are endearing, but if you played the DS version ten years ago, you may regret the absence of both screens and not love the gameplay switch.

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