What Jewellery For The Wedding?

What Jewellery For The Wedding

Jewelry is essential for perfect wedding attire. And it’s not just the bride’s business. Indeed, the groom is also concerned. If you do not know where to head among all the jewelry choices that exist, follow our guide to better choices, whether the wedding rings, the necklace or the wedding bracelet.

Practical guide jewelry for the wedding

If there are essential wedding jewels you should know how to choose your jewelry, it’s alliances. Much more than just a ring, the wedding ring symbolizes love and eternal union. Thus, the choice of alliances is a crucial moment. And we do not really have the right to make mistakes when we plan to wear them for the rest of his life.

The first rule is to choose a classic and timeless model because fancy patterns with patterns or other extravagant details can get boring after a while. For the original and personalized touch, you can have a name, a date or other information engraved inside the wedding rings.

What Jewellery For The Wedding

There is more freedom in the metal. Indeed, gold comes for example in three colors:

  • Gray or white
  • Yellow
  • Pink

And of course, we do not have to choose only gold. Other precious metals deserve attention, including silver, titanium, and platinum.

Note that we can choose a single color and a single metal or associate them. A small advice for women, opt for the same metal as your engagement ring so that the two jewels age the same way. In any case, the couple must be in good agreement on the choice of the metal, the model and the finish (flat or curved) of the alliances.

What about other jewelry?

The wedding necklace is the second important jewel of the bride. The necklace perfectly dresses the neck if the bride has a strapless dress. By cons, the collar is useless if the neck is covered including a backless dress with a lace choker.

  • Choose the collar according to two parameters:
  • Imposing necklace for a small chest and vice versa
  • Imposing necklace with discreet earrings and vice versa

Even if the matching pieces are usually old-fashioned, the principle of mismatching jewelry does not apply to marriage. Thus, you can perfectly choose a wedding parure with a matching necklace, earrings, and bracelet. The ornaments are usually very elegant especially with something refined like cultured pearls. By the way, if you’re thinking of buying one, take a look at this guide to recognize the real pearls.

And the groom’s jewelry?

Be careful, it’s not just for the bride. The groom may also wear other jewelry in addition to the wedding ring. Moreover, it would be an excellent opportunity for the bride to offer him a little present to mark the occasion. Those who do not find inspiration in this regard can find out about a magazine or a wedding website because there is no shortage of ideas.

Here are some jewelry ideas to offer to her future husband:

  • Wedding Watch
  • Chain Necklace with a Personalized Pendant
  • Gourmet
  • Style Bracelet Etc.

Sorted or matched, the jewels bring a touch of originality and make it possible to perfect the behavior of the married couple. If the engagement ring is usually secretly chosen by the future groom, the choice of other jewelry usually requires the couple’s consultation. And for your jewelry to last a long time, find out here how to take care of it.

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